Patricia kan prachtige make-up en haren doen. Van naturel tot smokey- eye ze kan het allemaal.

Eva macnack-Nijkamp


As an art photographer it is always difficult to find a Muah who dares to go along with the creative spirit. I am very grateful to Patricia because she has dealt with a unique theme for me. She contributed ideas and gave her own twist to it. The photo is called ‘transformation’. The image is about a brother and sister in which you as a viewer have to think. Thank you, Patricia, for the great collaboration.

Michel Eijman

Patricia knows exactly what is needed for each shoot and executes it perfectly.

Tjapko visual branding

Film is gemaakt door:
Isshogai Daimo


Very professional attitude and makeup! We were very happy with the result. Our first videos are now live, the models look good! Also great that she did some touch-ups during filming.

Sofie van Rooij


September 30, 2020

5 stars of course!
Patricia knows exactly what to do and does it with gusto!
She can do everything!
I hope I get to work with her often!

Mary-Lou Van Stenis


September 30, 2020

Patrica is one of the most amazing makeup artist with who I worked with. She has not only the perfect skills but the most important… imagination! Which allows her to creat any images in the undiscovered zone yet. That what I call an real artist  ?

Rui Suning

Writer | Actrice | Model

September 30, 2020

We had a very good collaboration with Patricia for our feature film “Fragmented Whole”. Amazing!!

Nico Bunnik